1. Consultation - Free consultation to discuss and evaluate the project. A typed detailed written estimate will then be faxed, e-mailed, or delivered to you.

2. Scheduling - After the proposal is accepted, signed and returned we will schedule a start date that is most convenient for you.

3. Color samples - We will provide you with numerous color samples too choose from. If you have chose a color we can have it custom matched if necessary. 

4. Pressure washing - We will pressure wash all exterior siding and trim surfaces to be painted or stained. We also remove all mildew and mildew spores with tsp or bleach solution.
Option: We can also pressure wash walkways, driveways, patios, retaining walls, brick etc.

5. Preparation - Complete extensive preparation includes:
Scraping all loose and peeling paint, feather sanding all scraped and other needed areas with quality orbital sanders that will not damage or gauge wood surfaces. We remove and fill all un-needed hardware, hooks, and nails. We will also feather sand some bad edges painted over from previous paint jobs for cosmetic purposes.

6. Re-nailing & rotten wood replacement -During the scraping and sanding process we may find previously undiscovered loose or rotten boards. We will re-nail all loose boards and replace or refer a qualified contractor to replace rotten or badly damaged boards. It is very important to have a sound solid substrate for proper product adhesion and performance.

7. Caulking - We mostly use premium quality elastomeric caulk to fill and seal all siding and trim cracks, in/around all window and door jambs, sunken nail holes. Since water/moisture infiltration behind paint coatings is the main reason for paint for blistering and peeling, caulking is a very important step.

8. Masking & Covering - We carefully mask and cover all unprotected areas including, windows, fixtures, roofs, decks, shrubs, walkways, brick and nearby cars etc.

9. Priming - We will primer all bare wood and all other needed areas with a premium quality peel-stopping primer/sealer. Our recommended primers have tannin blocking capabilities however extreme cases of tannin bleed may require an alkyd primer or several coats of acrylic primer.

10. Finish coat application - We apply two full coats premium quality paint on all exterior surfaces. The first coat is applied by airless sprayer then back rolled. The second coat is applied by sprayer only. This gives us the ability to work the paint into the surface and bridge small cracks. We keep a wet product edge to insure that it will dry to a beautiful uniform finish.

11. Finish coat application - We apply two full coats premium quality 100% acrylic paint on all trim surfaces. Trim includes fascia boards, gutters, (if previously painted or needed), corner boards, belly boards, window trim, door jambs, doors and most other wood architectural trim that will be a contrasting color different from the siding color. Trim paint will be applied mostly by brush and roller.

12. Clean-up - We clean up at the end of each work day and at completion of the entire project. We remove and dispose of all debris from your home or job location leaving the yard as tidy or tidier than it was before we arrived.

13. Inspection - We will inspect the entire project and touch up as needed. Then we will ask you, as our client, to inspect the job with us. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied. We will also supply you with labeled touch up paint in each color.

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