1. Dusting - We begin by dusting off millwork areas where caulking is to be applied.

2. Caulking - We caulk all gaps and cracks in and around baseboard, door jambs, window trim, crown molding, wainscot, and all other architectural trim work to be painted.

3. Filling - We fill all holes and other needed areas with a premium quality spackling paste. We leave extra on each area to allow for shrinkage and to insure a smooth finish after sanding.

4. Sanding - We completely sand all millwork surfaces to be painted to a very smooth finish.

5. Hardware - We remove all hardware including hinges, knobs, and catches. We also label and remove all doors.

6. Masking - We carefully mask and cover all unprotected areas including: previously painted walls and ceilings, floors, lighting fixtures etc.

7. Set-up - We make a spray booth in the largest room of the home or in the garage and set-up all doors to be painted.

8. Dust removal - We carefully and completely vacuum all floor areas near millwork. We then tack cloth all millwork surfaces to be painted.

9. Primer - We apply (spray finish) one full coat premium quality enamel undercoat on all millwork surfaces (including pre-primed).

10. Sanding & inspection - We completely sand all millwork again with sanding sponges. While sanding, we inspect all millwork areas to assure a quality finish.

11. Dust removal - We vacuum and tack cloth all areas again to assure a dust free environment.

12. Finish coat - We apply 1 or 2 coats premium quality paints on all millwork surfaces. Finish coat(s) is/are applied by airless sprayer using a fine finish tip or by HVLP sprayer. All paint is applied evenly and professionally

13. Clean-up - After allowing the finish coat to cure well. We remove all masking, replace all hardware, and re-hang all doors.

14. Inspection - We inspect all painted areas for quality assurance.

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